Frequently Asked Questions



What is Transthat?     

Transthat is a Nigerian-based peer-to-peer platform that connects requesters and travellers for the purpose of transferring/purchasing of items, which are not available locally. Travellers are rewarded for helping requesters buy and bring back items from Abroad. Transthat neither sells nor transfer stock items.



How does it work?

Kindly refer to our “How it works” page on our website’s homepage     



Where is Transthat?

We are located @ 23 Babatunde Jose, (Old festival Road) Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.



What are Tranthat’s operating days and hours?

We are open on Mondays to Fridays from 9:00am-5:00pm.



In what countries and/or cities does Transthat operate?

Transthat is a Nigerian-based company that only operates in Nigeria. Presently, we can only accommodate requests where the destination is Lagos. This is to improve the quality of service for the markets we cover.



Can I request to buy items from Abroad to Nigeria?

Yes. You can also view the list of supported countries on the Transthat website.



Can I request to send items from Nigeria to Abroad?

No, we do not currently support carrying of items abroad.



What countries abroad can I make requests from?

Transthat currently support purchases from the United Kindom, United States, United Arab EmiratesTurkey, ItalyGhana and France.                  



How do I create a Transthat account?

Kindly visit our website on and click on sign-up.



Why do I need to verify my phone number and email?

We require a two step email and phone verification for validating both requesters and travellers on Transthat.

Phone verification: enter phone number >> enter verification code

Email verification: register with email >> click onverification link sent to your inbox.

This is to ensure that we can have a safe community of verified requesters and travellers.



Are my personal information safe on Transthat Ng website?

We understand and respect your privacy, that’s why we maintain a strict policy against the sharing of customer information.



How do travellers hand over the items to requesters?

Transthat traveller do not hand items directly to requesters. They are expected to deposit purchased items at Transthat office in Lagos as soon as they get to Nigeria.



How much does transthat charge for the service?

Transthat charges a 6.5% + ₦500 service fee, which is borne by the requester. No service fees are charged to the traveller. This service fee, which covers banking and credit card charges, as well as any operating overheads, helps keep the Transthat platform up and running!



What payment methods are accepted by Transthat?

Payments made via Master or Visa debit card and PAGA or Paystack are the only accepted methods on Transthat.



How can I contact Transthat?

Contact us via email on or simply give us a call on 08180444440.



What happens if the price of an item changes just before the traveller purchases it?

The requester will be contacted and informed of the new price of the item and also to update the request, after which the requester will be expected to either accept (provide the balance deposit) or decline the item’s purchase.



What are Transthat’s policies if there is a change in the exchange rate of the Naira -after making deposit?

Exchange rates may rise or drop slightly on a daily basis, so Travellers are advised to buy items soon after they have accepted an offer. In addition, the traveller tip accepted for the deal should act as a buffer/ protection against any loss.



What items am I not allowed to request on Transthat?

Please see our Terms and Conditions page.



How do I change my Transthat username or registered email address?

You can edit your username in the profile area. Note that, email addresses cannot be changed after sign-up. Hence we recommend that you sign-up using only functional emails.



I forgot my password!

Go to, enter your email address and a password reset link will be sent to your registered email address.



How do I report a bug on the Transthat website?

You can write to us on, stating the irregularities or suspicious activities noticed.





Who is a Requester?

A requester is anyone who successfully and accurately posts a buy or transfer request on Transthat.



How do I post a request?

Log into your Transthat account and click on post a request. “Be sure to fill the request form appropriately; for the ease of item identification by travellers.”



Where can I make requests from?

Customers on Transthat can request to purchase items from online stores located in either the U.S., U.K., U.A.E., Turkey, Ghana or Italy.



I have identified an item - how do I order it?

Ordering of items on Transthat is simple. Just log in, navigate to “post request” and complete the request form appropriately.



I have requested an item - can I edit or cancel it?

Requests and be corrected or cancelled by navigating to; log in >> select options under profile name >> requests.



How do I get a traveller to accept my request?

You can get your requests accepted quickly by offering a suitable traveller earning that best covers your item.



How much can I pay a traveller?

The amount paid to travellers for purchasing an item(s) is completely set by you (the requester), but for the purpose of inconveniences borne by travellers, we have fixed a minimum earning of ₦2,500.N.B: We usually advise that requesters offer earnings in consideration of the value of requested item(s).



A traveller has offered to help - can I edit or cancel my request?

You will not be able to edit your request after a receiving help offer from a traveller. However, you may decide to cancel the entire request and create a fresh one.



A traveller has offered to help - how do I make deposit?

We accept payments made with Master or Visa Debit Cards and PAGA or Paystack.



Can I edit or cancel my request after making deposit?

No, transactions cannot be cancelled or edited once deposit has been made. However, travellers may still cancel the request in event of the unavailability of items. If the traveller has yet to purchase the item, you may communicate with them via the private chat function to enquire whether he/she is agreeable to a cancellation. Transthat is strictly against cancellation of transaction without the traveller’s knowledge; unless the traveller is unable to deliver item(s) within the set 7-day period.



How will I know when my item is ready for collection?

The status on the requested item will change from “in transit” to “pending acknowledgement”. You will also be notified of the availability of your item (as soon as it’s deposited at Transthat’s office) via email.



How and when can I collect my item?

Collection of item(s) can be done at Transthat office; you are also allowed to select a delivery location (within Lagos) of your choosing and we will deliver the item to you.



Can someone else collect a requested item on my behalf?

Yes, with a printed proof of payment, signed letter of consent from the requester and identification.



If a traveller cancels the delivery of my request, when will I receive my refund?

A refund will be made back to you within 3-7 working days after the cancellation of the delivery.



How will Transthat refund payments in line with its terms and conditions?

Payment refunds will be directly transferred to the registered Transthat member’s bank account. As a security measure, the bank account name must be the same as the registered member’s name.





Who is a Traveller?

A traveller is anyone who successfully posts a trip on Transthat including the country they are coming from and their return date to Lagos.



How do I post a trip?

You can post a trip by logging in, clicking on post a trip and selecting your intended travel location.



How and where do I deliver the requested item?

Travellers are to deposit the purchased items only at Transthat office along with the original receipt of the item.



What do I need to deliver requested items at transthat office?

Travellers should be sure to provide the correct requester’s username and request number.



How and when do I receive payment after delivering the item?

Payment will be directly transferred to the registered Transthat member’s bank account. As a security measure, the bank account name must be the same as the registered member’s name.



What if a requester wishes to cancel a transaction?

A requester will not be able to cancel the transaction after making deposit. Travellers may cancel the delivery if the status of the request is “pending deposit” or “pending purchase”. Once the purchase is confirmed, neither party will be able to cancel the transaction.



What if a requested item goes out of stock?

The traveller is required to communicate with the requester (through the private chat function) to inquire if the transaction is to be cancelled.