With Transthat the cost of the item is wholly determined by the requesters. Requesters can tell the travellers exactly which stores they want their items purchased from and the price. Note certain countries apply domestic sales tax to the cost items outside of the actual item price.



Depending on the currency, the price of the item (Euro, Dollars, Pounds, Naira) is converted to naira using the trusted currency exchange site called AbokiFX.com. Note that after the traveller offers to help, the rate you pay to Transthat will be based on the rate on the day you pay to ensure fairness to both parties. So once that button to pay is clicked, we get the current rate of the day and calculate the Naira equivalent.



This is the amount you pay the traveller helping you bring an item from abroad for their time and effort. The higher you pay the higher your chances of getting your item home to you quicker!



The 6.5% + N500 service fee helps to keep the Transthat platform running.